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How We Started:


Florence Flowers and Gifts Shop was formed in late September 2007, on the goal of the owner to help her aunt who lost her job after working in the flower shop business for more than 20 years.


The owner, being a flower lover herself, encashed her dollar savings from her salary to open a flowers and gifts shop along Araneta Avenue, Barangay Dona Imelda, Quezon City. What was on her mind was to change the store ambiance of the flower shops along that flower-business-busy street. She wanted to put more class to the shop, and to the flower arrangement itself yet at a very reasonable budget. She wanted to attract more customers because in doing so, she would employ more people for her business. More employees mean lesser people starving, and lesser people doing crimes just to eat. She wanted to help people without them losing their self-esteem (as they would probably feel when asking for monetary help, or when caught doing crimes) and that is, by giving them jobs.


However, business is not as good as she expected. All her savings were lost funding the daily flower displays, and paying the business space rent, electricity, water, transportation, food, and her 5 people-staff salary. She had no other option but to stop renting the business space in March 2008. However, that time, was already conceptualized, and was already fully paid.


For two years, since 2008, Florence Flowers stopped her operation due to financial issues. During those years, the owner did not anymore think of operating the flower shop due to financial lost she had with the shop. Sometime in 2009,  Otis Elevator, and Management called the owner to deliver sympathy flowers.  Being unemployed and thus, have no source of funds for the arrangement, the owner was at first hesitant to accept the order. But, luckily, Otis paid in advance. That order was the first, and few companies called for orders; with Sulo Hotel  in Quezon City giving her regular daily orders for the hotel, and so, in January 2010, the owner pawned her remaining jewelries. With the money generated, she registered the business with Quezon City Business Licensing Office, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and opened a corporate bank account. Hence, in January 2010, FLORENCE went back to business, as a legal, and fully registered online flowers, and gifts store.


In May 2010, FLORENCE went international by its affiliation with more than 100 flower shops, and florists around the world.


But, FLORENCE did not stop there. She continues to improve her line of business. In 2011, she started accepting Office Plants Supply, and Maintenance service. Christmas Hampers or Baskets was also included in her product line. In the following year, 2012, she included in her service, the "Harana" through the owner's cousin who is a professional band string player, and singer.


In 2013, FLORENCE started to include the world class champagne from France, Moet & Chandon, in her "Gifts" category.  Also this year, she started importing flowers.


In 2014, FLORENCE was accepted as a member florist of a known network of florists around the world, FTD Florists located in Downers, USA.


FLORENCE still plans to bloom like flowers, and to grow like flower plants do, to serve more customers, and to help more people have jobs.


About the Owner:

 The owner is a Filipina, born and raised in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. She was honed in an exclusive school for girls ran by Roman Catholic nuns in Quezon City before she moved to study Chemical Engineering in one of the schools producing top-notched graduates of engineering.


She a licensed chemical engineer under license number 19996.  She is a chemical engineer by profession, an environmental engineer, and a safety engineer by occupation. She had worked with a Petrochemical plant,  with a school,  with a semiconductor plant, and with environmental & safety consulting firms.  She is an accredited Pollution Control Officer by the Department of Environment, and Natural Resources, and by the Laguna Lake Development Authority.  She is also an accredited Radiation Safety Officer of the Department of Health.  She was also one of the water consultants of the KAMANAVA, and Manggahan Flood Control projects.


In 2005, she sued PSi TECHNOLOGIES, INC., her employer of  almost 10yrs. at the Labor Department  (NLRC) after was put on floating status and was replaced by their Laguna plant engineer, for refusing to follow her superior's order to bribe a government agency for a failed wastewater quality results- an action she could not do due to her principle. The case has been with the Supreme Court since 2006, after her employer won in their appeal at the Labor Department for submitting a supplementary appeal she and her lawyer did not receive due to wrong recipient address.


In 2007, an American firm wired her dollar savings account, US$37,000 to start a firm in Manila.  She did not ran with the money. She opened a business with her former boss, a corporation named Universal Plastics Asia, Phils.. In May 2010, she got employed as Operations Manager of a manpower pooling agency in Leviste St., Legaspi Village, Makati but she only lasted for a month because of some irregularities she saw in that firm that she voiced-out for correction caused her dismissal.


Those are on professional aspects. On personal aspects, an avid American suitor went to Manila in 2006 without informing her first, and handed her US$2,000 on their meeting to file an annulment case with her estranged husband. Right there, and then she refused the money, and said: "... if I accept that, it means I am accepting you, but I only like you as a friend..."


With those information, you will notice that she was indeed honed with virtue by her parents, and her schools, and thus with that you are secured that ordering from her will give you a piece of mind - that she will never run away with your money and will give you quality arrangements based on your budget.


Should you want to know more about her, please feel free to write her here.